Review: Royal Dragon, Chinatown

I’m not exactly the paradigm of good health. I smoke, I drink too much, I eat pretty much constantly and the extent of my exercise is an occasional late-night splash about in the kid’s pool (I like the floats and sometimes – when it’s empty – I’m allowed to go on the slide.) But my greatest vice is bad Chinese food. I readily admit to loving the MSG packed staples: sweet and sour pork, black bean and crispy chilli beef rank highly – but nothing beats crispy duck. I once ate it three times in a week and then found a duck’s leg bone under my bed, like some kind of Native American curse.

The lizard king has followed the lead of George VI in going for a more understated bowler hat rather than the traditional crown

You would have thought this would mean I’d be chomping at the bit to get my hands on Royal Dragon. Regularly rated highly by both public and critics, it’s unanimously thought to be Chinese done right – or at least as right as it gets 5000 miles from Beijing. As the flagship London eatery of restaurant group Royal China, Royal Dragon has a reputation for value, quality and service.

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4 responses to “Review: Royal Dragon, Chinatown

  1. Haha I love crappy chinese food too. I can sink really low sometimes. My order of choice is hong kong style sweet and sour chicken from Rice King – battered (and battery) chicken in a glowing orange sauce. I do get guilt pangs after though. Those poor chickens. Damn you conscious.

    • I’m such a sucker for it. I consider myself a relatively conscientious person but Chinese cuts through it all. I’m like one of those really lovely people who is a terribly embarrassing drunk.

  2. Ok confession time here… I sometimes will not only eat, but enjoy, a pasta packet. I’m a sham.

    Might do a post on guilt pleasures if you fancy contributing?

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