Hello you.

My name’s Chris Harding, and I’m a keen eater. To facilitate this, I’m also a keen cook.

After a few years working as a journalist with the likes of Dazed and Confused, Vice and the Evening Standard, I’ve moved online and decided to write about my truest passion.

This isn’t my day job (that’s market research) but I hope that you lovely people can embrace my unprofessional approach. Nothing would make me happier than to know about your experiences cooking the food I write about here. Feel free to send me pictures, suggestions, criticism and downright abuse at; cg[dot]harding1 AT googlemail.com

Luv u bye x


3 responses to “About

  1. Hi Chris,

    I just wanna say how much I enjoy reading your posts and have done for a long time. I know you don’t run the sort of blog which posts about new music all day everyday but I thought all the same I’d give you a shot:

    My name’s Cole Salewicz and I front The Savage Nomads.

    We’ve just put out our debut record, ‘What The Angel Said EP’ on Alaska Sounds. We’ve had significant radio play on BBC 6 Music. Gideon Coe, Don Letts, Nemone and Gary Crowley been continuously playing two tracks off the EP and we’re currently pushing for a slot on Huw Stephen’s Radio One show. We’ve had a 4 star review in the Daily Mirror and some more positive press online. Crawdaddy review: http://www.crawdaddy.com/index.php/2010/11/05/album-review-savage-nomads-what-the-angel-said/ and uni online magazines like York’s Hausdigital: http://hausdigital.com/2010/11/15/the-savage-nomads/ Haus has a readership of over 40,000 and we’re set to play some shows for them. Done sessions for UCL’s Rare FM too. We’ve featured on some other decent blogs, stereboard, misspeak, 77diamonds etc. We’ve also had continuous regional radio play and did a live session and a show for Brighton’s Juice FM. As well as shows around the country in Cornwall, Manchester, a few in Essex, Birmingham etc. We go back to Birmingham next week to headline at South College (the biggest music college in the city).

    We also won November’s Best of Myspace and are currently featured on the main myspace music page: http://www.myspace.com/music (as we’re near the end of November could be taken down any minute!)

    Here’s our video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1bynrw6j68

    and myspace: http://www.myspace.com/thesavagenomads

    If you enjoy the music at all, we’d be delighted to feature on your blog. Please let me know if this a possibility.

    Thanks for your time,


  2. Hi and compliments for your blog and your work! I’ve red your articols!!!! I love them! I just would like to ask you some questions….hoping I won’t bother you!!!! I’ve a real passion for food and all the issues related!!!! I also love the work of your mate Felicity Lawren, and I would really love to become a jornalist and write about these matters!!! I would like to ask you: since I’m starting college this year, do you think it would be better to study something related to the food, like nutrtional science or is it better to study comunication or I don’t know, in order to become a journalist??? I know that I want to write, to express mself to hep people better understand about problems related with food and health and gym and products you can find in sepermarket…I would like to help them understant how bad can be to eat a lot of unhealthy products for your body….and so on! Can you please help me understant which path can be better for me…..??? You’d be so kind!!
    Actually, I live in Rome, and I would like to study in England, would you suggest me a perfect degree for me in your country?? I would be happy to receive any suggest and idea!!! Otherwise, becouse I want and international degree, I think I’ll start the American University in Rome, john Cabot, since is the only one where I can study in English – and I’ll get a double degree in the university of wales!!!!
    thank you for your help and your attention…
    kisses from Rome, Noemi Renzetti.
    If you want and you like, you can answer me on my e-mail! It ould be wonderful! thanks…Noemi.

    ps. sorry for any mistake, as you can understand, I’m not a mother tongue! Sorry!

  3. Hi Chris, that cheese you mentioned when you were in Gozo is called Gbejna (Gbejniet)

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