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Salt and Pepper Squid

Sometimes I feel that writing a blog is a bit like being that guy at a party. You know him. He takes a corner of the room to himself and, tweaked out on plant food & bad coke, draws anyone near him into interminable conversations about his family, his future, his frustrations. His face is drawn and lined with the stress of his habits and he hasn’t shaved or slept for days. Consequently, he looks a bit like a pinched ballsack.

I know how she feels. Trapped between the "I'm just kind of crazy" guy and the one who reads Baudelaire aloud from his beanbag in between bong hits

I try to avoid the trap of solipsism and listen to my friends, family and food-loving acquaintances in the interests of self-improvement. Sometimes, however, I’m delighted that I’ve stubbornly taken my own route despite all nudging and directing. Cooking salt and pepper squid was one of those times. I’ve been toying with the idea of putting actual photographs on the blog. Of the food, that is, rather than painted dogs and testicle-shaped fish.

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Tofu in satay sauce

First time I made tofu in satay sauce, it was a disaster. The satay was fine, with the required balance of heat, peanut saltiness and lemon zest, but the tofu was a whole different kettle of fish. Or fungus, or whatever the fuck it is.

Whilst not strictly relevant, this blowfish does look like a testicle, which is pretty much my only criterion for inclusion

My mistake was not coating the individual pieces of tofu in cornflour, a fact which kind of pisses me off because cornflour is one of those ingredients that I know sits unregarded at the back of most cupboards for years. I had vowed never to ask anyone to use those kinds of ingredients (also included: gelatine, star anise and preserved lemons. The lemons I’m not too bothered about because they taste exactly like petrol smells anyway), but in this case it’s genuinely necessary so don’t miss it out.

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